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The King of Sports Trivia winning that title in 1979 has been a fixture in the Atlantic City-Cape May Radio Market since bursting onto the scene for WAYV 95.1's Top-Rated Morning Show with "Sports-Shorts" in 1982.


King Arthur's multimedia career:

1982-1985 1986-1988 WAYV 95.1 Morning Sports, Sports Director

1985-1986 WIIN 1450AM Sports-Talk Host

1985-1990 Press of Atlantic City - Sports Writer Horse-Racing Handicapper

1995-2000 WWACTV 53 - Host-Produced Monday Night Kickoff TV Show

1990-2000 Atlantic City Race Course - Odds Maker, TV Host, Track Handicapper

2008-2010 - WIBG 1020AM 101.3FM Talk-Show Host King Arthur Radio Show

2010-2011 WOND 1400AM Talk-Show Host King Arthur Radio Show

2012-current WIBG 1020AM 101.3FM Talk-Show Host King Arthur Radio Show

2000-Current -  Daily Racing Form - Handicapper and Writer

2016-Current Play by Play Announcer WIBG High School Football Game of the Week


'On May 10, 2012, my radio co-host and friend for 3 years April Kauffman was murdered by multiple gun shots and found at 11am that Thursday morning. 

April appeared on my radio show for 3 years and her 2-hour segment aired each Wednesday so I saw the "Blonde Bombshell of the Airwaves" as we left the WIBG Radio studio at 4pm Wednesday afternoon 5-9-12 and by Thursday morning she was gone.

 Her husband has been jailed since June, 2017, for pulling a gun on law enforcement saying he was going to kill himself during a search for medical records and is part of a medical fraud investigation. 

Everyone thinks Dr James Kauffman did it; he has acted guilty from day 1. 

On January 9, 2018, exactly 68 months to the date of our last radio broadcast together Justice for April occurred as James Kauffman and 7 others were charged in connection to April Kauffman's Murder.

"While sports is my first love 9-11-2001 had a major impact on my life and way of thinking.

 "Born in Atlantic City, New Jersey, I accepted a job in Manhattan on 7-11-2000 just 3 blocks from Ground Zero the World Trade Center. I went from working on New York Avenue to working in New York City.


 "Little did I know a little more than 1 year after accepting the job the tragic events of 9-11 would occur. I would walk through the 1st floor of the WTC every day as a short cut to my office. After seeing 3,000 fellow subway riders killed by terrorists just yards away from where I worked;  it gave me a brand new perspective on what really is important in life and to be fully informed on what is happening in our world.



"After a hiatus on radio for a number of years I returned to the airwaves August, 2008. Just as our economy was crashing and Obama was about to win the Presidency under Hope and Change but really it was the "Hate-Bush-Era" that any Democrat in 2008 or even Mickey Mouse would have won.


"On The King Arthur Radio Show we interview the NewsMakers, Give Strong Opinions, Take Your Phone Calls, Give Away Prizes, Inform and Entertain on the Most-Action Packed Talk Radio in New Jersey.


 "The name King Arthur was given to me after I won a sports trivia contest June, 1980, at age 12 on the Sports Corner Radio Show defeating adult contestants on a Live Broadcast from the Sands Casino in AC. After that triumph I was given a trophy with a crown on it and was further recognized as the "King of Sports Trivia".


"Now they just call me the "King of Common Sense".


" While attending Atlantic City High School where I became editor of the school newspaper I was hired to announce weekend then daily sports reports for FM-95 WAYV's top-rated Morning Show with the late great Spyder McGuire and a number of other partners including Joe Ciapianna and Allison Wing.


"I have always been involved in some form of the media and was the TV-Host for the LIVE! SuperBowl Tailgate Party, Monday Night Kickoff and King Arthur's Round Table shows on WWAC-TV 53 (now WMCN-TV) from 1995-2000.


" Also have broadcasted on 1490 The Game, WIBG 101.3FM-1020AM THE TALK OF SOUTH JERSEY, WIIN 1450, NewsTalk 1400 WOND, writer for DAILY RACING FORM, The Press of Atlantic City and track handicapper at Atlantic City Race Course from 1990-2000.